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eediot (plural eediots)

  1. (nonstandard, dialect) idiot
    • 1883 January 12, Robert Louis Stevenson (as "Thomson"), "Letter to Charles Baxter".
      Stevison's last book 's in a third edeetion; an' it's bein' translated (like the psaulms of David, nae less) into French; and an eediot they ca' Asher — a kind o' rival of Tauchnitz — is bringin' him oot in a paper book for the Frenchies and the German folk in twa volumes.
    • 1911, Jack London, "The Sea-Farmer", The Strength of the Strong.
      “He was a eediot, a lunatuc. I wouldna have hum on the brudge a munut.”
    • 1911, Jack London, "Samuel", The Strength of the Strong.
      “He was a eediot—a great, awful, monster eediot.”

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