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Coined by Sir Richard Burton from Middle English forms of "necromancy", such as egremauncey and egremauncye in the quotations below.


egromancy ‎(uncountable)

  1. alternative form of necromancy, used by Sir Richard Burton.
    • c.1450 Merlin
      A feire mayden...suster to Hardogebrant that moche knoweth of egremauncye...
      She...lerned so moche of egremauncye that the peple cleped hir afterward Morgain le fee.
    • 1475 Gregory's Chron.
      In the same yere there were take certayne traytourys, the whyche purposyd to slee oure lege lorde the kyng by crafte of egremauncey.
    • 1885 Sir Richard Burton The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night (Arabian Nights)
      Then she stood up; and, pronouncing some word to me unintelligible, she said:---By virtue of my egromancy become thou half stone and half man; whereupon I became what thou seest, unable to rise or sit, and neither dead nor alive.