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Coined by Sir Richard Burton from Middle English forms of "necromancy", such as egremauncey and egremauncye in the quotations below.


egromancy (uncountable)

  1. alternative form of necromancy, used by Sir Richard Burton.
    • c.1450 Merlin
      A feire mayden...suster to Hardogebrant that moche knoweth of egremauncye...
      She...lerned so moche of egremauncye that the peple cleped hir afterward Morgain le fee.
    • 1475 Gregory's Chron.
      In the same yere there were take certayne traytourys, the whyche purposyd to slee oure lege lorde the kyng by crafte of egremauncey.
    • 1885 Sir Richard Burton The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night (Arabian Nights)
      Then she stood up; and, pronouncing some word to me unintelligible, she said:---By virtue of my egromancy become thou half stone and half man; whereupon I became what thou seest, unable to rise or sit, and neither dead nor alive.