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electro- +‎ mobility


electromobility (countable and uncountable, plural electromobilities)

  1. (biochemistry) electrophoretic mobility
  2. Synonym of emobility
    • 2012, Weert Canzler, “eMobility in Germany: Prospects for and barriers to sustainable mobility”, in Måns Nilsson, Karl Hillman, Annika Rickne, editor, Paving the Road to Sustainable Transport, page 260:
      Seen in this context, innovation in electromobility (eMobility) takes on a special significance. eMobility is not only an alternative drive technology that can be substituted for the combustion engine that has dominated until now, it could revolutionize transport altogether because it differs decisively from conventional automobility.
    • 2014, Holger Bodenmüller, Prospects of individual electromobility, page 6:
      Between 1907 and 1941 the U.S. manufacturer “Detroit Electric” produced more than 12.000 electric cars and over 500 electric trucks. After almost one century of shadowy existence the topic of electromobility is more up to date than ever.
    • 2016, Markus Lienkamp, Status Electromobility 2016: Or How Tesla Will Not Win:
      The TU Munich is broadly positioned in the field of electromobility, working across the board from basic research to application-based research.