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e- +‎ mobility

Alternative forms[edit]


emobility (uncountable)

  1. The use of electric vehicles, including with the technology and infrastructure to support that use.
    • 2011, Engelbert Wimmer, Motoring the Future: VW and Toyota Vying for Pole Position:
      What cannot be denied is that the Chinese government wants emobility, and is willing to spend money to get it.
    • 2016, Roland Berger, Green Growth, Green Profit:
      To make an emobility project successful, finance is required for both vehicle and service.
    • 2017, Christian Derksen, Christoph Weber, Smart Energy Research, page 24:
      The ongoing emobility market development, which shows an increasing electric vehicle (EV) market coverage, is an excellent field of investigation for studying the generative potential of digitization and DT.