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From electro- +‎ weak. Coined by Pakistani physicist Abdus Salam and used informally as early as 1978, and by him in print and his Nobel Prize lecture in 1979.


electroweak (not comparable)

  1. (physics) Describing the combination of the electromagnetic and weak nuclear forces.
    • 1979, Abdus Salam, “The Electroweak Force, Grand Unification and Superunification”, in Physica Scripta, volume 20, page 216:
      In the next section we ignore these intermediate energy scales and the intermediate unification steps and concentrate on the main problem of the Grand Unification schemes of electroweak and strong unification: What is the probable Grand Unification mass, M, beyond which the three forces, electromagnetism, weak and strong, may manifest themselves with the same effective strength?

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