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From Ellis +‎ -ize. A large number of immigrants to the United States were processed at Ellis Island.



ellisize (third-person singular simple present ellisizes, present participle ellisizing, simple past and past participle ellisized)

  1. (rare, passive, of a name) To anglicize or Americanize; to alter in transcription, either intentionally to facilitate spelling or pronunciation by (American) English speakers, or by mistake due to unfamiliarity with or indifference to the language of origin.
    • 1970-2010 Wilyem Clark, Terra Infirma, page 80
      Her maiden name is Kukulain, ellisized from the Irish in a penstroke of linguistic legerdemain.
    Her name was ellisized.

Usage notes[edit]

  • This lemma form ellisize is not attested and is only hypothetical. The verb only occurs as ellisized.