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elogy (plural elogies)

  1. (archaic) praise, eulogy; inscription on a tombstone, epitaph
    • 1604, Ben Jonson, “Part of the King's Entertainment in Passing to His Coronation”, in The Works of Ben Jonson, London: Printed by Thomas Hodgkin, published 1692, page 306:
      In the Centre, or midst of the Pegm, there was an Aback, or Square, wherein this Elogy was written.
    • 1709, Nicholas Rowe, Some Account of the Life of Mr. William Shakespear[1]:
      And his Elogy upon Q. Elizabeth, and her Successor K. James, in the latter end of his Henry VII, is a Proof of that Play's being written after the Accession of the latter of those two Princes to the Crown of England.