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embittered (comparative more embittered, superlative most embittered)

  1. Deeply hostile, resentful.
    an embittered enemy
    • 1884, John William Wallace, An Old Philadelphian: Colonel William Bradford, the Patriot Printer of 1776. Sketches of His Life, page 141:
      [] they were opposed to it on grounds that were at once legal, political, historical, personal, geographical, and mixed; the whole combination of causes operating of necessity to make the opposition an embittered one.
    • 1944, Søren Kierkegaard, Walter Lowrie, transl., Training in Christianity, page 245:
      Again, by means of the ‘follower’s’ life, it will be revealed who is the admirer; for the admirers will become highly embittered against the follower.
    • 2011, Philip W. Anderson, More and Different: Notes from a Thoughtful Curmudgeon, →ISBN, page 177:
      Dawkins’ book is, oddly, much more embittered and deeply emotional, although leavened by his effervescent wit.



  1. simple past tense and past participle of embitter