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em- +‎ bugger +‎ -ance


embuggerance (plural embuggerances)

  1. (Britain, military, slang) Any obstacle (natural or artificial) that gets in the way of progress.
    • 1993, Andy McNab, Bravo Two Zero, from 2008 reprint, →ISBN, pages 27 and 80:
      It didn’t matter for them, the course was just a three-week embuggerance and then they’d go home for tea and medals.

      We were sleeping with most of our kit on anyway, but it was a major embuggerance to have to pull on your boots, flak jacket and helmet and leg it down to the slit trenches.
    • 2003, Terry Pratchett, Monstrous Regiment:
      Jackrum stared at him blankly for a moment, and then said: ‘Well, now … it looks like what we have here is an embuggerance which, my lads of the Cheesemongers, is defined as an obstruction in the way of progress. I propose to deal with it in this wise!’