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emergent +‎ -ly


emergently (comparative more emergently, superlative most emergently)

  1. In an emergent manner.
    • 1850, The Nautical Magazine: A Technical and Critical Journal for the Officers of the Mercantile Marine, page 132:
      I have responded to his call, and have to the best of my ability explained the causes and effects of that defective condition of the Mercantile Marine, which has been much and loudly complained of; and I have, in a full and comprehensive manner, detailed all existing abuses, and suggested those remedial measures which I consider essentially necessary to obtain that system of reform which is so emergently required.
    • 1996, John T. Sanders, For and Against the State: New Philosophical Readings[1], page 95:
      For example, being ratified by a constitutionally bound legislative body is one way in which an institution can be emergently justified.
    • 2013, Alyssa Ney, The Wave Function: Essays on the Metaphysics of Quantum Mechanics[2]:
      Similarly, for a three-dimensional Newtonian world with N point particles, it is unreasonable to hold that a single point particle in 3N-dimensional space emergently exists, even though there is a sense in which the 3N-dimensional configuration space with the single particle has a straightforward mathematical correspondence with the N point particles in three-dimensional space.