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See emerge, emergency.


emergent ‎(comparative more emergent, superlative most emergent)

  1. (dated) Arising unexpectedly, especially if also calling for immediate reaction; constituting an emergency.
    • 1918, The Missionary Review of the World, volume 41, page 818:
      In all these great and vital things which America has discovered to be emergent necessities, []
  2. Emerging; coming into view or into existence; nascent; new.
  3. (botany) Taller than the surrounding vegetation.
  4. (botany, of a water-dwelling plant) Having leaves and flowers above the water.
  5. (video games) Having gameplay that arises from its mechanics, rather than a linear storyline.
    • 2008, Jim Rossignol, This Gaming Life: Travels in Three Cities (page 126)
      In short, emergent games are ones that allow a huge range of possibilities and don't dictate a strict, linear flow of events. A strategy game is emergent because so many units can interact and have some effect on each other.

Derived terms[edit]


emergent ‎(plural emergents)

  1. (botany) A plant whose root system grows underwater, but whose shoot, leaves and flowers grow up and above the water.




  1. third-person plural future active indicative of ēmergō