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en- +‎ cage


encage (third-person singular simple present encages, present participle encaging, simple past and past participle encaged)

  1. To lock inside a cage; to imprison.
    • 1858, B. B. Wiffen, Choice Notes from "Notes and Queries"[1], page 12:
      Bruce's daughter, Marjory, and his sister Mary, were likewise to be encaged, the former in the Tower of London, the latter in Roxburghe Castle.
    • 2009 August 12, Fiona Johannessen, “Other Voices: Inspired by shelter of compassion”, in TheUnion.com[2]:
      I feared the sight of encaged animals would be unbearably sad.
    • 2009 August 18, Natalie Angier, “Brain Is a Co-Conspirator in a Vicious Stress Loop”, in New York Times[3]:
      To rattle the rats to the point where their stress response remained demonstrably hyperactive, the researchers exposed the animals to four weeks of varying stressors: moderate electric shocks, being encaged with dominant rats, prolonged dunks in water.