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From en- +‎ quicken.



enquicken (third-person singular simple present enquickens, present participle enquickening, simple past and past participle enquickened)

  1. (rare) Imbue with divine vitality.
    • circa 1623–1635, Dr. John Mayer D.D., Commentary on the Short Catechism set forth in the Book of Common Prayer, etc., page 7:
      How much more ought we, WITH OUR BLESSED MOTHER THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND AT ALL CHASTENINGS [CHRISTENINGS] PRESUME that Sacramental grace doth like a soul enquicken the body of the outward element, and receive those for our true fellow-members of Christ, who have been made partakers of the same laver of regeneration?
    • 1989, Edward Taylor, The Poems of Edward Taylor, page 206:
      […] Let some, my Lord, of thy bright Glories beams,
      Flash quickening Flames of Glory in mine eye
      T’enquicken my dull Spirits, drunke with dreams
      Of Melancholy…
    • 2003, Edward Taylor, Edward Taylor’s Gods Determinations and Preparatory Meditations: A Critical Edition, page 343:
      Lord make thy beams my frost bit heart to warm.
          Ride on these Rayes into my bosom’s till
      And make thy Glory mine affections Charm.
          Thy rapid flames my Love enquicken will.
          Then I in Glories Tower thy Praise will sing
          On my Shoshannim tun’d on ev’ry string.