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enteral +‎ -ly


enterally (not comparable)

  1. By means of the intestine.
    1. By means of the intestine by way of any gastrointestinal intake, whether orally or by tube feeding (nasogastric or nasoenteric).
      administered either parenterally or enterally
      Hyponym: orally
    2. By means of the intestine by way of tube feeding (nasogastric or nasoenteric) as opposed to oral intake.
      fed either orally or enterally
      • 2015 June 18, Shinya Nagafuchi et al., “Effects of a Formula Containing Two Types of Prebiotics, Bifidogenic Growth Stimulator and Galacto-oligosaccharide, and Fermented Milk Products on Intestinal Microbiota and Antibody Response to Influenza Vaccine in Elderly Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial”, in Pharmaceuticals[1], volume 8, DOI:10.3390/ph8020351:
        In fact, BGS intake was effective to increase the detection rate of fecal bifidobacteria and improved the fecal properties in enterally fed elderly patients.
      Coordinate term: orally