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entery (countable and uncountable, plural enteries)

  1. Misspelling of entry.
  2. Obsolete form of entry.
    • 1562, Nicholas Throkmorton in A Full View of the Public Transactions in the Reign of Q. Elizabeth, Volume II., page #26:
      The ſayd Monſieur d’lvoy, brother to Monſieur de Janlis, aunſwered, that the towne and all which were within it were redye and willing to geve the Kinge their ſoverayne, all his bretherne, the Queene his mother, the Kinge of Navarre, the princes of the Kinge’s bloud, except thoſe which were conſederate with the adverſaries to the crowne, noting and naming the Duke of Monpenſier, fre entery at their pleaſures within the ſayd towne ; []