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Alternative forms[edit]


From en- +‎ womb.


enwomb (third-person singular simple present enwombs, present participle enwombing, simple past and past participle enwombed)

  1. (poetic, archaic) To place or cause to be contained in the womb; to make pregnant; to conceive.
    • 1590, Edmund Spenser, The Faerie Queene, III.6:
      For not as other wemens commune brood / They were enwombed in the sacred throne / Of her chaste bodie [...].
    • 2007, John Goldingay, David Payne, Isaiah 40-55 Vol 2: A Critical and Exegetical Commentary[1], Continuum International Publishing Group, ISBN 9780567030726:
      Dahood hypothesizes an occurrence of a verb rihham ('to conceive, enwomb')
  2. (poetic or archaic) To enclose.


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