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  1. simple past tense and past participle of error


errored (comparative more errored, superlative most errored)

  1. (telecommunications) Containing one or more errors; faulty.
    • 1958, Electronic Industries Association Engineering Dept., Proceedings of the EIA Conference on Automation Systems for Business and Industry, page 88:
      If an error is indicated the reperforator deletes the errored line from the tape and signals the transmitter to repeat the line of data.
    • 1993, S. Tirro, Satellite Communication Systems Design, Springer, →ISBN, page 445:
      The mean number of errored bits per errored symbol is therefore....
    • 2004, Roger L. Freeman, Telecommunication System Engineering, John Wiley and Sons, →ISBN, Page 347
      An errored second is any one-second interval containing at least one bit error.
    • 2004, Vivek Alwayn, Optical Network Design and Implementation, Cisco Press, →ISBN, Page 38
      [definition:] Errored block— A block in which one or more bits are in error.
    • 2006, Jie Han; Tong ji da xue; Jian-Hua Yin; David White; Guoming Lin, Advances in Earth Structures: Research to Practice : Proceedings of Sessions ..., American Society of Civil Engineers, →ISBN, Page 91,
      [] the least-errored neural network topological structure and the optimum rheology parameters were obtained using a genetic algorithm