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escape artist (plural escape artists)

  1. A person who is skilled at escaping from confinement, for example from prisons.
    • 1972, United States. Congress. House. Select Committee on Crime, American Prisons in Turmoil: Hearings, page 615:
      Whether he is an escape artist, whether he is a known troublemaker and agitator, fights, and one thing or another. All these things are taken into consideration by the committee before a decision is made.
    • 2001, Claire Rudolf Murphy, Jane G. Haigh, Gold Rush Dogs, page 40:
      They do not mention that if the dog is like Nero, it can be a regular escape artist, pulling out chains or breaking ropes.
  2. An entertainer who performs escapes from perilous situations such as cages, coffins, and straitjackets.
    Hyponym: handcuff artist


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