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Coined in a 1995 episode of the animated TV show The Simpsons named Lisa's Wedding, in which a Renaissance fair sideshow promotes a normal rabbit as "a horse with the head of a rabbit and the body of a rabbit".



esquilax (plural esquilaxes)

  1. (rare, humorous) A rabbit.
    • 1997, "Powdered TOAST Man", TAN: The Weasel Strikes Back (discussion on Internet newsgroup
      Yeah, well I get to run the Circus Sideshow, and the esquilaxes.
    • 1999, "Cabrutus", is lack of evidence a reason to lack belief? (discussion on Internet newsgroup alt.atheism)
      In fact, I am also "really weakly omnipotent," because it is logically impossible for me to fly unaided, or transform myself into an esquilax, because I am a being who cannot do those things. But I can do anything which it is logically possible for me to do.
    • 2001, "Anonymous Weirdo", Have a rest (discussion on Internet newsgroup
      I wasn't thinking of gray elephants in Denmark, I was thinking of white esquilaxes in the Domincan [sic] Republic.
    • 2008, "Jeßus", Found some Hydrox (discussion on Internet newsgroup
      Could be worse... couldve [sic] been an Esquilax.