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Old Spanish[edit]


From Latin stomachus, from Ancient Greek στόμαχος (stómakhos).



estomago m (plural estomagos)

  1. (anatomy) stomach
    • c. 1250, Alfonso X, Lapidario, f. 26r.
      Et ſu uertud es atal. que ſana dela dolor del eſtomago ¬ delos eſtentinos aqui la trae colgada ſobrellos.
      And its virtue is such that it cures the aches of the stomach and the intestines of whoever has it hanging over them.
    • Idem, f. 62v.
      […] ſi dieren della a beuer peſo de una dragma al que la beue fazel perder toda la fuerça del retenimiento del eſtomago. ¬ el apetito de comer.
      […] if they were to give someone to drink of it the weight of one drachma, the drinker would lose containment of his stomach and his appetite.