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Anglo-Norman and Old French estoper, from a Late Latin verb, from Classical Latin stuppa (oakum).



estop (third-person singular simple present estops, present participle estopping, simple past and past participle estopped)

  1. To impede or bar by estoppel.
    • 1957 November 23, William F. Buckley Jr., National Review:
      ...we twitted them, while we were together in the sun of the Continent, about English heating habits. Having done that, we are now estopped from bringing the matter up.
    • 2020: "Nancy Pelosi Should Take All the Time She Needs to Submit Articles of Impeachment" by Philip Bobbitt,
      Finally, new evidence—emails surrounding the decision to withhold appropriated military assistance from Ukraine—has come out since the vote. Is anyone suggesting that the House managers be estopped from presenting this evidence?
  2. To stop up, to plug