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etymonic +‎ -ally


etymonically (comparative more etymonically, superlative most etymonically)

  1. In an etymonic way; in a way based on etymons; as analyzed via etymons.
    • 2018, Li Su, “Chapter 2: Ancient China's cultural constitution”, in Edmund Ryden, transl., edited by Yongle Zhang, The Constitution of Ancient China: Volume 9 of The Princeton-China Series[1], Princeton University Press, →ISBN, retrieved 2021-03-21, page 83; republished as Daniel A. Bell, editor, (Please provide a date or year):
      Xu Shen's Explanation of Words and Characters divides the ways of making Chinese characters into six kinds: indicator graphs, pictographs, form and voice compounds, etymonic compounds, graphically and etymonically related pairs, and phonetic loan characters.
    • 2013, Aled Llion Jones, Darogan: Prophecy, Lament and Absent Heroes in Medieval Welsh Literature[2], University of Wales Press, →ISBN, retrieved 2021-03-21:
      Giving weight to 'remnants' emphasises the fragmentation of the British; the suggestion is that they have been removed from a larger whole; they remain (reading etymonically through the translation), and they remain at least potentially negative.

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