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eurogame (plural eurogames)

  1. Alternative form of Eurogame
    • 2010, István Szita, Guillaume Chaslot, & Pieter Spronck, "Monte-Carlo Tree Search in Settlers of Catan", in Advances in Computer Games: 12th International Conference, ACG 2009, Pamplona, Spain, May 11-13, 2009, Revised Papers (eds. H. Jaap Van den Herik & Pieter Spronck), Springer (2010), →ISBN, page 72:
      The game [Settlers of Catan] achieved a huge success: it received the “Game of the Year” award of the German game critics, and it was the first “eurogame” to become widely popular outside Germany, []
    • 2012, Stewart Woods, Eurogames: The Design, Culture and Play of Modern European Board Games, McFarland & Company (2012), →ISBN, page 112:
      Costikyan specifically describes eurogames as a genre that “prizes strategy and planning,” yet, perhaps surprisingly, it is rare to find examples of eurogames that do not contain some element of chance.
    • 2012, ACD Distribution, August 2012, page 18:
      Magnum Sal is a eurogame about exploration of a salt mine (second oldest still operating salt mine in the world).