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Alternative forms[edit]


From Euro- +‎ game. The term was coined by Dave Howell in 1995 while he was working at Wizards of the Coast, as an alternative to the then-standard term German game.[1]


The Settlers of Catan, a popular Eurogame, being played by a group of young people.

Eurogame (plural Eurogames)

  1. A style of board game originating in Germany, characterized by simple rules, short to medium playtimes, indirect player interaction, abstract physical components, emphasis on strategy over luck or conflict, and economic themes.
    • 2008, "German recreation: An affinity for rules?", The Economist, 28 August 2008:
      In America, where classics like Monopoly dominate, Eurogames still have an avidly geeky following.
    • 2014, James Stubbs, "Traditional Board Games: From Ameritrash to Eurogames", in Teen Games Rule!: A Librarian's Guide to Platforms and Programs (eds. Julie Scordato & Ellen Forsyth), ABC-CLIO (2014), →ISBN, page 83:
      No other Eurogame has had the same impact that Settlers [of Catan] had.
    Synonyms: German game, German-style board game, German-style game
    Coordinate term: Ameritrash

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