evergreen industry

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evergreen industry (plural evergreen industries)

  1. A business in a market that is always viable.
    • 1998, ENR - Volume 240, Issues 21-26, page 3:
      Parking is an evergreen industry with plenty of projects projected and underway.
    • 2012, Anthony Scaramucci, The Little Book of Hedge Funds, →ISBN, page 3:
      Granted, it is a small, young industry that is still undergoing a maturation process, but this is an evergreen industry that has a big impact on the market and investors.
    • 2013, Robert Ash, Christopher Howe, Y Y Kueh, China's Economic Reform: A Study with Documents, →ISBN:
      But a traditional industry is not a sunset industry. The textile industry is both an old industry and an evergreen industry.