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eversion (countable and uncountable, plural eversions)

  1. An act of turning inside out.
    • 1986, Harald William Fawkner, The ecstatic world of John Cowper Powys, page 76:
      Somewhere along the line, he managed to complete a kind of psychic eversion, a kind of total transformation of internal affairs.
    • 1999, Kip K. Sewell, The cosmic sphere, page 125:
      When it comes to vacuum bubble eversion, a vacuum bubble also passes through asymmetrical stages in the eversion process
  2. The state of being turned inside out.
    • 1894, Charles Bingham Penrose; Albert Ernest Truby, William Alexander Newman Dorland, Syllabus of the Lectures on Gynecology, page 44:
      If there is no eversion of the lips, there may be no symptoms present.
  3. (medicine) The condition of being turned outward.
    • 1989 September 14, “HEALTH; Personal Health”, in New York Times:
      The remaining sprains are eversion injuries, in which the foot turns out and the ankle turns in.

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