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exact +‎ -amundo as an intensifier. Popularized by the character Fonzie on the sitcom Happy Days.


exactamundo (comparative more exactamundo, superlative most exactamundo)

  1. (slang) exactly
    • 1996 February 1, Wallace, David Foster, Infinite Jest, Little, Brown, →ISBN, OL 10446091M:
    • 2002 November 25, Leslie, Nathan, Rants & Raves, PublishAmerica, →ISBN, OL 12373530M, page 110:
      Since I am a writer, I can be more concerned with more important things like writing a sentence until I get it right, because I can't seem to get it exactamundo, and until I get it exactamundo, I can't exactly go on to the next sentence
    • 2010 July 16, Raab, Ralph, The Gutenberg Gambit: The Second Adventure from the Biblio Files[1], Bloomington: iUniverse, →ISBN, OL 25418316M:
      Exactamundo! Well ... almost exactamundo.

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