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except +‎ -ive


exceptive (not comparable)

  1. exceptional, having an exception
    • 1816, Matilda Betham, The Lay of Marie[1]:
      The only offspring of a race No misalliance did disgrace; Nurtur'd, school'd, fashion'd by their laws, Not wishing an exceptive clause, Till thee, my only choice, I met; And then, with useless, deep regret, I found in birth, and that alone, Thou wert unworthy of a throne!
    • 1912, W.G. Tarrant, Unitarianism[2]:
      In 1813, Unitarians were set free from legal penalties by the repeal, so far as they were concerned, of the exceptive clauses of the Toleration Act, this relief coming twenty years after Charles James Fox had tried to secure it for them.