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extra- +‎ diegetic


extradiegetic (comparative more extradiegetic, superlative most extradiegetic)

  1. External to the narrative.
    Synonyms: Doylist, out-of-universe
    Antonyms: intradiegetic, Watsonian, in-universe
    • 2011, Harry M. Benshoff, Dark Shadows, Wayne State University Press (2011), →ISBN, page 38:
      This voice-over functions very differently from the extradiegetic narrator of the radio soap opera however, who tended to impose ideological coherence on the text, as well as serve as spokesman for the products being sold.
    • 2011, Alison Peirse, "Horrible Women: Abjection, Gender and Ageing in Nip/Tuck", in Nip/Tuck: Television That Gets Under Your Skin (eds. Roz Kaveney & Jennifer Stoy), I. B. Tauris & Co. Ltd (2011), →ISBN, page 76:
      However, in this sequence Colleen's actions alone do not make her horrific. Rather, the extradiegetic music condemns her.
    • 2011, José M. Yebra, "A Terrible Beauty: Ethics, Aesthetics, and the Trauma of Gayness in Alan Hollinghurst's The Line of Beauty", in Ethics and Trauma in Contemporary British Fiction (eds. Susana Onega & Jean-Michel Ganteau), Rodopi (2011), →ISBN, page 183:
      Instead, an extradiegetic narrator renders detached testimony of the hero's traumatic story in the Thatcher era.
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