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intra- +‎ diegetic


intradiegetic (comparative more intradiegetic, superlative most intradiegetic)

  1. Part of the narrative.
    Synonyms: diegetic, in-universe, Watsonian
    Antonyms: extradiegetic, out-of-universe, Doylist
    • 2010, Nina Nørgaard, Beatrix Busse, & Rocío Montoro, Key Terms in Stylistics, Continuum (2010), →ISBN, page 125:
      One of the most famous examples of an intradiegetic narrator is Scherezade, the narrator of the tales in Arabian Nights (1954), who does belong in the general narrative frame despite that not involving her own but other people's stories.
    • 2011, Thomas Waugh, The Right to Play Oneself: Looking Back on Documentary Film, University of Minnesota Press (2011), →ISBN, page 169:
      Intradiegetic music continues to be used to very stirring effect throughout the film, especially a solo performance of the sixties folk hymn “Five Hundred Miles” sung by Croxen's daughter, []
    • 2014, Susanne Klinger, Translation and Linguistic Hybridity: Constructing World-View, Routledge (2014), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
      One well-known example of an intradiegetic narrator is Marlow in Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, who recounts his African adventures to a group of men aboard a ship anchored in the Thames Estuary.