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extrinsical (comparative more extrinsical, superlative most extrinsical)

  1. (rare) Extrinsic.
    • Kenelm Digby, Of Bodies.
      A body cannot move, unless it be moved by some extrinsical agent: we may easily frame a conceit, how absurd it is to think that a body, by a quality in it, can work upon itself.
    • John Ray ,The wisdom of God manifested in the works of the Creation.
      Neither is the atom by any extrinsical impulse diverted from its natural course.
    • John Locke, Of Ideas in general, and their Original, Book II , Chapter I.
      Outward objects, that are extrinsical to the mind; and its own operations, proceeding from powers intrinsical, and proper to itself, which, when reflected on by itself, become also objects of its contemplation, are the original of all knowledge.


extrinsical (plural extrinsicals)

  1. (obsolete) Something that is extrinsic.