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From faint +‎ -ful.


faintful (comparative more faintful, superlative most faintful)

  1. Displaying weakness, frailty, or faintness; fainting; dejected
    • 1825, John Payne Collier, Robert Dodsley, A select collection of old plays:
      The shepherd sighs upon the barren hills / To see his bleating lambs with faintful looks / Behold the vallies robb'd of springing flowers, / That whilom wont to yield them yearly food.
    • 2010, Concetta Tina Scarpitti, Mysterious Eyes:
      When I look into the dainty eyes / I wash away the tears built inside, / Voices unheard, children's faintful cries / Teardrops falling down in disguise.
    • 2012, Casimir Greenfield, Bloodstones:
      The heights dizzied her, spiralling stone promising faintful vistas.
    • 2012, Derek C. Maus, Unvarnishing Reality:
      George's initial reaction to his assignments shows, he only vaguely comprehends what he is being asked to do, much less how to do it: “Founder! Founder! Those I thought I grasped, I gasped at; most signified not a thing to me. . . .Fist to brow I told them over, faintful list, and struck at each”.
    • 2015, Basil Essien, The Seekers' Elixir:
      Those who are sad are saddled / Those who are doubtful are downful / Those who are fearful are faintful / Those who are faintful are failure / Those who are defeated are deleted.