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  1. simple past tense and past participle of fanfare


fanfared (not comparable)

  1. (music) Characterized by fanfares.
    • 1954, Egon Wellesz, New Oxford History of Music: Ancient and oriental music, page 188:
      Pure fanfared melodies also occur, as we have seen, in rural Annam and in Cambodia.
    • 2013, Jaap Kunst, Music in New Guinea: Three Studies, →ISBN, page 31:
      Fanfared music, on the other hand, is exclusive, as far is known, to Karesau and the central range. The area in which the panpipes are found and that in which fanfared music occurs are, therefore, by no means identical.
  2. Celebrated; greeted or publicized with enthusiasm or ceremony.
    • 1946, John Hugh Brignal Peel, Mere England: a poem, page 18:
      So with this month, this testing-time of storm-- when it is out, the willing sun will warm for all the pouts and buffets these days bring are fanfared heralds of a gentle spring.
    • 2013, Judith Mackrell, Bloomsbury Ballerina, →ISBN:
      The Ballets Russes had currently lost its two main attractions — Karsavina, who, despite her fanfared return, was refusing to leave her young son for extended tours of Europe; and, far more ruinously, Massine.
    • 2014, James Lucas, Kommando: German Special Forces of World War Two, →ISBN:
      They were not named in the triumphant communiqués and the fanfared Orders of the Day.
    • 2014, Dennis Brailsford, Sport, Time and Society (RLE Sports Studies), →ISBN, page 85:
      Boxing, once it was released from its legal restraints, was quick to revive and garnish its old rituals and ceremonials, the challenge and the response, the public weigh-in, the fanfared entrance of the gladiators, and the post-fight congratulations and recriminations -- all is extended as far as it will stretch.