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Alternative forms[edit]


From fantasy +‎ -ize.[1][2]



fantasize (third-person singular simple present fantasizes, present participle fantasizing, simple past and past participle fantasized) (American spelling, Oxford British English)

  1. (intransitive) To indulge in fantasy; to imagine things only possible in fantasy.
    I fantasized about my ideal date.
  2. (intransitive, transitive) To portray in the mind, using fantasy.
    • 1984 August 11, Janice Irvine, “Secrets of Fear, Shame, and Love”, in Gay Community News, volume 12, number 5, page 9:
      Not that Mom and I didn't have our "shared experiences" — it's just that I'd like to forget most of them. I'd rather fantasize us together in that little cafe.
    • 1995 March 22, “Seinfeld with Madonna? 'Cosmo' reveals sex fantasies”, in The Arizona Republic:
      Actress Dana Delany fantasizes about making love with two men.



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