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Alternative forms[edit]


From Old French femme, feme, fame, fenme, from Latin fēmina, from Proto-Indo-European *dʰeh₁-m̥n-eh₂(who sucks), derivation of the verbal root *dʰeh₁(y)-(to suck, suckle).



faume f ‎(plural faumes)

  1. (Guernsey) wife
    • 2006, Peggy Collenette, ‘Au shaoux du Vouest’, P'tites Lures Guernésiaises, Cromwell Press 2006, p. 16:
      Mess Gaudiaon et sa faume la Sophie decidirent qui voulais allai au shaoux du Vouest.‎ ― Mr Gaudion and his wife Sophie decided that they wanted to go to the West Show.
  2. (Guernsey) woman
    • 2006, Marie de Garis, ‘Enne p'tite ôlure’, P'tites Lures Guernésiaises, Cromwell Press 2006, p. 24:
      V'là les daeux faummes à palaïr atour les r'v'énànts et toutes sortes dé sorcheul'rie et ditaï tché, en buvànt leurs thée.‎ ― There were the two women talking about ghosts and all sorts of witchcraft and such things while drinking their tea.