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Blend of faux +‎ apology.


fauxpology (plural fauxpologies)

  1. (slang) A nominal apology which seems to express contrition but does not actually acknowledge any wrongdoing.
    • 2010, Ruth Marcus, "The Gulf oil disaster: when bad things happen to bad companies", The Seattle Times, 23 June 2010:
      What satirist could then top Texas Republican Joe Barton's coerced, linguistically mangled fauxpology? "If anything I said this morning has been misconstrued to the opposite effect I want to apologize for that misconstrued misconstruction." Translation: It's your fault for hearing me right the first time.
    • 2010, Belinda Luscombe, "Thank You, Ginni Thomas", Time, 20 October 2010:
      The old “sorry if I upset you” route is the go-to tactic of politicians, celebrities, media corporations and spouses for a reason. It looks and smells like an apology, but acknowledges no wrongdoing. It’s a fauxpology.
    • 2012, Julie Golden, Vagilantes, Abbott Press (2012), ISBN 9781458201775, page 190:
      “Hey love. How'sit?” Jena greets without even a fauxpology for her lateness.
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:fauxpology.


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