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fear +‎ -scape


fearscape (plural fearscapes)

  1. A place or general atmosphere of fear.
    • 1992, Tori Amos, "Mother", Little Earthquakes:
      I escape into your escape / Into our very favorite fearscape
    • 1997, Lise Gotell, "Shaping Butler: The New Politics of Anti-Pornography", in Bad Attitude/s on Trial: Pornography, Feminism, and the Butler Decision (eds. Brenda Cossman & Shannon Bell), University of Toronto Press (1997), ISBN 0802076432, page 56:
      Pidduck has observed the recurrent contemporary tendency to represent sexuality through the metaphor of war - from government reports, with titles such as The War against Women, to feminist texts on sexuality, with titles such as The War Zone - as something innately violent that threatens to undermine the social order and that evokes an apocalyptic fearscape (Pidduck 1994, 5).
    • 2007, Borys Kit, "McG relocates Wonderland to Warner Bros.", The Hollywood Reporter, 8 February 2007:
      "It's a buddy comedy where what kids are afraid of turns out to be real, and our guys have to go into these fearscapes and battle all these monsters," said McG, who is eyeing a November start for the production.
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