feed one's face

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feed one's face

  1. (informal) To eat.
    • 1909, Upton Sinclair, chapter 4, in Samuel the Seeker:
      "Step up and feed your face."
      "What?" stammered Samuel, perplexed.
      "EAT!" said the other.
    • 1910, Stewart Edward White, chapter 13, in The Rules of the Game:
      "Feed your face, and we'll go upstream." Bob ate rapidly.
    • 1997 Aug. 31, George Vecsey, "Sports: Fill Ashe Stadium With Some Real Fans," New York Times (retrieved 13 Oct 2013):
      While the players are out there whacking away at tennis balls, the lower-deck patrons are feeding their faces on $5 shrimps and sipping $10 glasses of wine.
    • 2010, Katie Flynn, The Cuckoo Child, →ISBN, p. 292 (Google preview):
      “Though why I should give the boys bacon and eggs when they've already fed their faces wi' fish 'n' chips, I can't imagine.”

Usage notes[edit]

  • Sometimes used in a rude or indelicate manner, suggestive that eating is merely a crude bodily function.