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Blend of feel +‎ opinion


feelpinion (plural feelpinions)

  1. An uninformed opinion.
    • 2013 September, Chad Parkhill, “Booze: What's culture got to do with it?”, in The Lifted Brow:
      It turns out that this distinction isn't exactly a feelpinion based on anecdotal evidence of Paris's café culture: despite the quantity the French drink, their drinking pattern is rated by the World Health Organisation as one of the least risky in the world.
    • 2014 January 29, Katharine Murphy, “In the case of the Coalition v the ABC, 'feelpinions' have become evidence”, in The Guardian:
      It is the era of feelings. Feelpinions require no facts, no research, they aren’t required to make sense, or be logical, and they thunder around the internet and cable television around the clock.
    • 2014 December 13, John Birmingham, “Beware the pumas of Lima”, in The Sydney Morning Herald:
      On the evidence, as opposed to the feelpinions of Hal's publishers at Quadrant, it seems Australian factory workers in the Second World War were more likely to impede the march to victory by working too hard, ignoring the rudimentary occ health and safety regs of the day, and getting themselves injured and mangled in their machinery.