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Etymology 1[edit]

feminine +‎ -oid


feminoid (not comparable)

  1. Apparently, but not actually, female.
    • 1932, Gregorio Marañón, Warre Bradley Wells, The evolution of sex and intersexual conditions
      We may speak, therefore, of a feminoid intersexuality at puberty...
    • 1962, Marie Bonaparte, Female sexuality
      On the other hand, there are men with more bisexual, more feminoid natures, who seek the missing complement of their own masculinity in women.

Etymology 2[edit]

feminist +‎ -oid (suggesting a robotic, heartless quality as in android).


feminoid (plural feminoids)

  1. (slang, derogatory) A feminist.
    • 2000, Laura K Egendorf, Male/female roles: opposing viewpoints
      These establishments serve as headquarters for covens of feminoids primarily to pursue their own agendas and only secondarily to help these alleged victims.
    • 2006, George P Garrett, Empty bed blues
      That may have changed just a little bit, time will tell, since the professional feminoids have discovered the evils and dangers of pornography.