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Blend of female +‎ bureaucrat.


femocrat (plural femocrats)

  1. (Australia) A female politician or senior civil servant; a female bureaucrat in an agency dealing with women's issues.
    • 1999, Elizabeth Van Acker, Different Voices: Gender and Politics in Australia[1], page 120:
      Despite working in a difficult environment, femocrats have made an important contribution to Australian politics over the past two decades.
    • 2000, Jan Jindy Pettman, “Femocrats,” entry in Cheris Kramarae, Dale Spender (editors) Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women: Education: Health to Hypertension, page 847,
      Femocrats also carry the burden of representation, if they are expected to speak for all women; or, alternatively, they are dismissed as “unrepresentative” of ordinary women and so not entitled to speak for them.
    • 2006, Louise A. Chappell, Lisa Hill, The Politics of Women's Interests: New Comparative Perspectives, page 166,
      These moves were made by femocrats in part to avoid marginalization in women′s units, but in moving to new positions, old ones came up for grabs.