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finnoc (plural finnocs)

  1. Alternative spelling of finnock
    • 1939, James Joyce, Finnegans Wake, page 578:
      He has only his hedcosycasket on and his wollsey shirtplisse with peascod doublet, also his feet wear doubled width socks for he always must to insure warm sleep between a pair of fullyfleeced bankers like a finnoc in a cauwl.
    • 1803, Henry Mackenzie, Prize Essays and Transactions of the Highland Society of Scotland[1], page 377:
      The whitling and the finner, or finnoc, have been supposed by many to be young salmon.
    • 1963, R. N. Stewart, Salmon and trout: their habits and haunts, page 92:
      Char enter the river in the finnoc stage, [...]

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