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Alternative forms[edit]


fire-crotch (plural fire-crotches)

  1. (slang, vulgar, sometimes derogatory) A person who has red pubic hair.
    • 1993 December 20, Jason D. Kelleher, “Re: love”, in alt.drunken.bastards, Usenet[1]:
      It's time to regain your manhood. Go out, get drunk, find a cute fire-crotch, then.... Fuck the snot out of her on your kitchen floor.
    • 2000, Chris Mooney, Deviant Ways, Pocket Books (2000), ISBN 0671040596, page 5:
      His wife, Ash, was no great lay—not like that nurse at the hospital, fire crotch, a hot little minkie with flaming red pubic hair and a very uninhibited appetite.
    • 2005 Jun 16, Scott Lamb, "The Fix,"
      Still suffering from the fallout of his stomach-churning "Lindsay Lohan is a fire crotch" tirade that paparazzi caught on tape last month, Brandon Davis is now blaming it all on drugs and has checked himself into rehab.
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