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firlot (plural firlots)

  1. (Scotland) A measure of capacity, once used for corn etc, equal to four pecks.
    • 1786, Daniel De Foe [i.e., Daniel Defoe], “Appendix. Part I. Containing an Account of Transactions in both Parts of the United Kingdoms, subsequent to the Union; []”, in A History of the Union between England and Scotland, with a Collection of Original Papers Relating thereto. [], London: Printed for John Stockdale, [], OCLC 723451763, page 600:
      [T]he valuation of lands, tenor of leaſes, the rents, the entails, rent charges, life rents, and payments for or out of land revenue, are all reckoned in Scotland by the chalder, boll, firlot, and lippy, and cannot be altered; [...]

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