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fish +‎ -dom


fishdom (uncountable)

  1. The state of being a fish, or of belonging to the world of fish; fish collectively.
    • 1922, Thomas Morris Longstreth, The Laurentians: The Hills of the Habitant, page 286:
      In the ouananiche, fishdom has achieved its glittering perfection.
    • 2005, Robin Cody, Ricochet River, page 83:
      Some kind of homing instinct—imprinting, they call it—guides a salmon to the very same mountain stream where it hatched and awoke to fishdom.
    • 2008, H. W. Rardin, It's Always Windy on Trash Night: And Other Facts of Life, page 232:
      Meanwhile on shore you get all pumped because your line is jiggling and you are completely unaware of the social protocol of fishdom occurring below the water line.

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