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From the Old Norse fjǫl-, from Proto-Germanic *felu, from Proto-Indo-European *pelu-, *pel- (the Indo-European root is also the source of Ancient Greek πολύς ‎(polús), Latin plus ‎(more), Ossetian фыр ‎(fyr, much), Old Irish il, from whence the Welsh lliaws). Cognate with Gothic 𐍆𐌹𐌻𐌿 ‎(filu), Old High German filu ‎(many) (from which the German viel came), Old Saxon filo and filu (from which veel ‎(much) came), Old English fela ‎(many, much). This adjective or prefix has been lost in English and modern Danish but is frequent in Icelandic; especially as a prefix in poetry but never as an independent adjective.



  1. multi, many, much, manifold

Derived terms[edit]