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A section of recreated flangeway in England
A tramway junction in Zagreb showing the flangeways for the flanges of the wheels to pass through

flange +‎ way



flangeway (plural flangeways)

  1. (rail transport, historical) An early type of railway that used flanged rails rather than flanged wheels.
  2. (rail transport) The gap in road surfaces, running rails at rails at junctions, etc, that allows the wheel flange of a rail vehicle to pass.
    • 1895, Tables and Diagrams of Switches and Crossings: A Handy Platelayer's Guide[1], 3rd edition edition, Bemrose and Sons, Flangeway clearance, page 22:
      The factors in determining the width of flangeways between check rails and the main rail are the thickness of the wheel flange and the clearance allowed []
    • 1980, United States Department of the Army, Maintenance of Trackage[2], United States Department of Defense, Chapter 3 Track Structure Elements, Section 3–31. Turnouts and Crossovers, Paragraph, page 3–35:
      Insure that ample flangeway is available between the open point of switch and the stock rail; this is controlled by flange width of crane wheels using the track system
    • 2004, Jeff Wilson, “Track basics”, in Basic Trackwork for Model Railroaders: The Complete Photo Guide[3], Kalmbach Publishing, →ISBN, NMRA Standards Gauge, page 14:
      Available at most hobby shops, this tool allows you to check track gauge, flangeway spacing and width, and many other dimensions.


  • (space for rail wheel flange): groove


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