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Flanges (ribs or rims)



From dialectal English flange(to project), flanch(a projection), from Old French flanche(flank, side). See flank. As a term for a group of baboons, it was popularized in the comedy TV series Not the Nine O'Clock News.


flange ‎(plural flanges)

  1. An external or internal rib or rim, used either to add strength or to hold something in place.
  2. The projecting edge of a rigid or semi-rigid component.
  3. (role-playing games) An ability in a role-playing game which is not commonly available, overpowered or arbitrarily imposed by the referees.
    • 1998: Mr MI Pennington, Can the Players be Trusted? on rec.games.frp.live-action [1] [The] enduring problem with the Gathering is that [players] can't affect anything that happens ... whatever they do, the LT just flange it back to the original plot line.
    • 2007: balor, Changing the metaphysics on Rule 7 [2] 'Oh look , the amulet of flange has been activated, this means all Paladins now only have one heal per day instead of two.'
  4. (vulgar slang) A vulva.
    • 2001: tedfat, Flange!!!! in alt.society.nottingham [3]
      I was in bed the other day with the missus and I asked to see her flange. Imagine my surprise when she got up went downstairs to my toolbox and brought me up a metal looking object called a flange!!!!! Needless to say when she asked to see my nuts the next time I obliged by doing exactly the same as her.
    • 2003: Ray Gordon, Hot Sheets [4]
      'God, she's got a tight flange!' the plumber gasped, splaying the girl's buttocks and focusing on her O-ring.
  5. (rare, humorous) The collective noun for a group of baboons.


  • (collective noun for a group of baboons) congress



flange ‎(third-person singular simple present flanges, present participle flanging, simple past and past participle flanged)

  1. (intransitive) To be bent into a flange.
  2. (transitive) To make a flange on; to furnish with a flange.




From English flange.


  • IPA(key): /flanɡsjɘ/, [ˈflɑŋɕɘ]


flange c (singular definite flangen, plural indefinite flanger)

  1. flange (external or internal rib or rim)




flange f

  1. plural of flangia