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flannel +‎ -ed


flannelled (not comparable)

  1. Wearing clothes made of flannel; especially wearing cricket whites.
    • 1875 March 1, J. L. Milton, “On the Treatment of Secondary Syphilis”, in Edinburgh Medical Journal[1], volume 20, page 790:
      A decided improvement is, however, to substitute the flannelled mackintosh, made by Messrs Walters and Co., for the blanket.
    • 1918, Herbert George Wells, Joan and Peter: The Story of an Education[2], volume 2, page 260:
      His impressions of headmasters were for the most part taken against a background of white-flannelled boys in playing-fields or grey-flannelled boys in walled court-yards.
    • 1921, Stephen McKenna, The Education of Eric Lane[3], page 110:
      There was an oak-framed "Light of the World" over the bed, supplemented on the other walls with progressive personal records — eleven podgy, flannelled little boys in quartered chocolate-and-gold caps, guarded and patronized by a flannelled and whiskered master []
    • 2013, Derek Robinson, Piece of Cake[4]:
      Well, he wasn't bad-looking, he had a kind of unblinking concentration that amused her, and he was in a different class from those flannelled undergraduates, all books and bats and bicycles, who jostled for her attention: at least Hector Ramsay did something; sometimes she could even smell the engine-oil on him when he came straight from flying.

Derived terms[edit]