flea pit

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flea pit (plural flea pits)

  1. (colloquial) A dilapidated building, stereotypically hosting a low-grade cinema.
    • 1964 Dylan Thomas - The Doctor and the Devils
      The Upland Cinema ("The Flea Pit") stood on the corner of The Grove, the street where he had been born.
    • 1970 Colm Luibhéid - All the Green Gold: an Irish boyhood
      The Regal is no longer there, but, when I was eight, nine, and ten it was a flea pit down beside the harbor.
    • 1980 Mervyn Thompson - All My Lives
      I remember going to the pictures at the local flea pit and seeing Riders of Death Valley, a serial in which I avidly #followed the fortunes of my hero Jim . . .
    • 2004 Keith Spratley - Provincial Eye: The Short Stories
      The term flea pit was not justified as the cinema turned out to be clean and well maintained.